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Board Info

Rivka Richman PTA President
Rivka Richman

Rivka moved to the Holladay area 13 years ago from San Diego, California. She has one dog and two boys. When her boys aren't keeping her busy, Rivka loves to do gardening, read biographies, hike and travel with her family. Rivka works at a software company and does journalism on the side. You can reach Rivka by text at 801-953-5825 or email. (RivkaRichman@gmail.com)

Eleanor Sundwall

Eleanor Sundwall

Originally from Utah, Eleanor has lived coast-to-coast before settling in Salt Lake City in 1996.  She met her husband on a blind date (with his roommate).  Before becoming a mom to 2 darling daughters, she was a molecular biologist at the University of Utah and STEM education consultant.  Her interests include organizing, cooking, knitting, sewing, light carpentry, and making piñatas.  You can reach Eleanor by text at (801) 608-0417 or eleanor.sundwall@gmail.com.

Patti Lelanuja - Spring Lane PTA

Vice President
Patti Lelanuja

Patti moved to Salt Lake City 7 years ago to be near her two daughters who settled in Utah.  She has two granddaughters at Springlane.  She's addicted to Chinese and Korean dramas.  You can reach her at pattisbistro@gmail.com

Brandie Ednie Vice President of Legistration
Brandi Ednie

Brandi is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio but has lived all over the West before settling in Salt Lake City. She has three children at Spring Lane Elementary in the Chinese dual immersion program. For fun her family travels all around camping, hiking and geocaching. She also loves to read. You can reach Brandi by text, email or phone at 801.349.2874 or bednie@gmail.com

Sarah Bennett - Spring Lane PTA

Sarah Bennett

Sarah is originally from Reno, Nevada, where she worked for the University of Nevada, Reno.  She moved to Salt Lake City in December 2014 with her husband, son and dog. Her son is going into his second year of the Chinese dual immersion at Spring Lane Elementary. Her interests include hiking, anything nature, yoga, walking her dog, reading and "pinteresting".  You can reach Sarah by text/phone (775) 544-4350 or email mikeandsarahbennett@yahoo.com.

Lori Call - Spring Lane PTA PTA Treasurer
Loria Call

Loria is a Utah native, but she's lived all over the country. She and her husband moved to Salt Lake 7 years ago. She's mom to two girls, a first grader in the immersion program, and a preschooler. She works for her family's jewelry company and runs an Etsy store for her geek-themed crocheting. She loves reading, traveling, good food and hanging out with her family. You can reach Loria by email, text, or phone at 801-628-5506 or loriabcall@gmail.com.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs (Dad Volunteer Program)
Dwayne Vance

Watch Dogs is a great program to help Fathers volunteer and get more involved. By signing up, you are committing to volunteer for a few hours in your child's classroom. There is no set schedule or prerequisite to join. It is an absolutely FREE program and your students will love seeing their dads help out! Watch Dogs also celebrate with 2 dinner parties throughout the year and each member gets a cool badge to wear when they volunteer.

Red Ribbon Week - Spring Lane PTA

Red Ribbon Week
Melanie Platt

Red Ribbon Week is a week of fun activities to help students fight against drugs and alcohol. We celebrate this week with different projects during lunch time as well as fun "theme" days. In the past years we have invited various groups to talk about these issues during school wide assemblies.


Box Tops Education

Box Top Coordinator
Chelsea Denning

Box Tops are collected all year long at Spring Lane. This year we will be collecting them on a monthly basis and each classroom will be competing for the coveted "Box Top Trophy". Each month, the winner from the prior month will get a craft/game party and will get to keep the trophy in their classroom. Each box top is worth 5 cents and is traded in for cash for our PTA programs. It is an important fundraiser for our school. You can contact Chelsea at 801-809-8939.

Teacher Birthdays

Teacher Birthdays:
Nikki Williams

The PTA is happy to help celebrate our teacher and staff's birthdays. We present them with a small birthday gift - as our token of appreciation for all their hard work.

Teacher Spotlight - Spring Lane PTA

Teacher Spotlight Coordinator
Megan Fan

We love to spotlight our amazing staff and give our students a glimpse into their personal lives. Our spotlight bulletin features one staff member per month, and showcases pictures of their families, travels and favorite things.


Go Team  Spirit

Spirit Treat Coordinator
Cheryl Vance

Each Friday (or early day) Spring Lane encourages school spirit. This is done by having the students wear their school apparel or clothing of the school's colors (black and yellow). Volunteers show up during lunch time and hand out special prizes or treats to those showing their school pride. This is done all year long. You can contact Cheryl at 801-518-6008.

Kindergarten Round Up - Spring Lane PTA

Kindergarten Round up
Loria Call

Welcome to Spring Lane!! Kindergartners and their parents are invited to our special party on their first day of school. They get to meet the Principal, take part in a fun activity and receive a special welcome gift from the PTA. We are excited to have you at our school!


Birthday Book Club Student Birthday Book Club
Sarah Noel

Help build our library by signing up for our Birthday Book Club. For the $10 donation your child gets to pick out a book from our library and put their name and birthday inside of it. They also get their picture taken with the book and it goes up on our Birthday Book Club poster in the library! You can contact Sarah at 435-669-6026.

Meet the Masters

Meet the Masters
Jennifer Julian, Sisa Carpenter + helpers

This monthly art program delivers pre-organized art classes and demonstrations to each classroom. It not only provides education but also lets the children practice their art skills. The classes are taught by volunteers and everything you need to put on the lesson is already provided to you by our amazing Meet the Masters board.

Science Fair Spring Lane PTA

Science Fair
Mary Pat Dowd

Last year was the first Science Fair held at Spring Lane Elementary, and it was a huge success! We love that our students were so excited about Science and participated in the event. This year we will continue the Science Fair, which includes 3 after school clinics to help them learn more about the Scientific Method and putting together a project for the fair.


Maturation Coordinator Spring Lane PTA Maturation Coordinator
Debbie Heaps

Each year Planned Parenthood puts together our Maturation program for 5th and 6th graders. Boys and girls are separated for their own programs and parents are invited to attend. If you would like to help with this year's program or have questions, please contact Debbie Heaps for more information.

Apex Fun Run

Apex Fun Run Coordinator
Deja Pearce

Last year was our first year doing the Apex Fun Run Fundraiser. It was such a big success, and the kids absolutely loved it!! So we will be doing this fundraiser again in the Spring. This fundraiser is a big undertaking and requires numerous volunteers. Sarah Snow was in charge of the fundraiser last year, and will be orchestrating it again. You can reach Deja at (coming soon).

Reflections Spring Lane PTA

Reflections Committee
Rivka Richman, Lori Bagley + helpers

This is a National PTA Program that encourages students to submit personal artwork for judging and awards. There are several categories each student can submit an entry to and the winning entries move on to Regional, State and even National levels. This is a favorite program among our students and we showcase all their hard work during a special even Art Show for parents and families to attend.


Chinese New Year - Spring Lane PTA

Chinese New Year
Patti Lelanuja

Being a dual immersion school, we love to help students learn more/celebrate the Chinese culture. Part of this process includes celebrating the Chinese New Year. This fun week is planned with hands-on activities, special food in the lunch room and a great assembly. Students even get to dress in up in special clothing to help understand this unique culture.


Student Birthday Bulletin Spring  Lane PTA

Student Birthday Bulletin
Megan Fan

We love to celebrate at Spring Lane! Our birthday bulletin is updated every two months and showcases the birthdays of our student body.

Book Fair - Spring Lane PTA

Book Fair Coordinators
Brandi Ednie & Sarah Bennett

The PTA holds 2 book fairs throughout the school year. Each book fair is ran during SEPs (Parent Teacher Conferences) and is open to all students and families. We are always in need of volunteers to help run the book fair, so if you are available let us know! Book fairs also help raise money for our school library and allows us to add books to each classroom.


Vehicle Day Coordinator - Spring Lane PTA

Vehicle Day Coordinator
Eleanor Sundwall

The last month of school, our community fills our playground with various vehicles for our students to learn about and explore. From military trucks to ambulances and police cars, it's a fun experience our students have grown to love.


Teacher Appreciation Spring Lane PTA

Teacher Appreciation Coordinator
Teresa Brenchley

Each may we celebrate our teachers with a week of appreciation. During this week our teachers will be spoiled with lunches, gifts from students, door decorations etc. Volunteers are always welcome and needed.


Student Birthday Team

Student Birthday Gifts
Marie Delaney

The PTA gives each student a small gift on their birthday. A great group of volunteers puts these small gifts together and are handed out the week of the student's birthday. For information about the PTA's gift for students on their birthdays, please contact Marie Delaney.


Walk to School Day Coordinator Spring Lane PTA

Walk to School Day Coordinator
Angie Lyman

On this nationally recognized day, we encourage our students to walk to school. If you live far away, feel free to park in a nearby neighborhood and walk the last block to school. The PTA offers free muffins and juice to all participating families.


Field Day - Spring Lane PTA

Field Day Committee
Tristan Nelson, Eleanor Sundwall, Lindsay Godsey, Ame Davis

This special day is held during the last week of school and is filled with fun games and water activities. It's a busy, but great way to help our school celebrate the end of a great year!


School T-Shirt Organizer Spring Lane PTA

School T-Shirt Organizer
Chelsea Denning

Spring Lane PTA organizes school shirts and sweatshirts for our student body to purchase. The design of this apparel is provided by a student and is chosen from a variety of entries that we showcase at the end of each year. Students vote on their favorite artwork, and we use the winning submission for the following year's apparel.


Spring Lane PTA Directory Committee

School Directory Committee
Brenda Westover, Eleanor Sundwall

Each October, the PTA puts together a school directory. PTA members will receive a FREE directory this year along with their membership. Otherwise, directories can be purchased from the front office for $1.50.


School Choir - Spring Lane PTA

School Choir
Heidi Parkin

This will be the second year the PTA has paid to have a school choir. We are extremely lucky to have Heidi Parkin (previous teacher at Spring Lane) run our choir. She puts together two concerts per year and the kids LOVE being part of her programs. The choir is FREE for all students and meets before school on various days of the week.


Artistic Volunteer - Spring Lane PTA

Artistic Volunteer
Summer Wang

With so many fliers, bulletins and door decorations we are lucky to have a talented artist like Summer to help us keep our school looking fun and inviting!


White Ribbon  Campaign Spring Lane PTA

White Ribbon Week
LeAnn Evans

White Ribbon Week helps students learn about the dangers of the internet/social media and television. It is a national program that provides our school with educational supplements to help teach our student body some safety precautions. Last year was our first year implementing this program, and it was a big success. We are excited to continue it this year.