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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sign up to Volunteer?

A: We love our volunteers! To find out about volunteer opportunities, click on the "Calendar" tab of this website. Here you will see upcoming events that you can sign up for. If you would like to help out in your child's classroom, you can click on the "Volunteer in the Classroom" button. This will show which teacher are looking for help, and what type of help.

Q: What do I do at the school, when I show up to volunteer?

A: Once you arrive at the school, you will need to sign in. There is a tablet on the counter, please make sure you tab to the "Volunteer" section and sign in there. We have to send all of our volunteer hours to the state PTA board at the end of each year, so it is important that we get the right number. Next, you will need to put a "Visitor" stick on, which is located in the front of the tablet. If you are volunteering for the classroom, you can let the Secretary know and head to the classroom. If you are helping with PTA, head to the PTA room. Someone will either be there to help you, or the materials you need will be left out for you. The PTA room is kept locked, so if no one is there, simply ask the Secretary for the key to unlock it.

Q: How do I get reimbursed for money I spend on a PTA project?

To get reimbursed for any money you spend towards a PTA project or event, please following these guidelines:

  1. For your purchases to be reimbursed you must have received permission from one of the PTA Board members.

  2. Items for the PTA must be on their OWN receipt. Do not purchase personal items and PTA items together. The receipt you turn in must consist of PTA purchases only.

  3. Write your name on the top of the receipt. This will help decrease any errors if your receipt gets detached from your reimbursement form.

  4. Fill out a reimbursement form. Make sure you write what event or project the money was spent for. These forms can be found in the Reimbursement Form bin.

  5. Staple or paperclip the receipt to the reimbursement form.

  6. Turn it into the Reimbursement IN bin.

  7. Reimbursement checks are written each Thursday afternoon. You may pick up your check after school on the Thursday after you handed in your request (or any day thereafter). Reimbursement checks are left in the Reimbursement OUT  bin, inside an  envelope with your name on it.

**If you need to be reimbursed sooner than Thursday, please let Rivka know. We don’t want anyone to experience financial strain due to PTA purchases. We know some of these reimbursements are large amounts of money.**

Q: If I sign up for PTA do I have to volunteer?

A: No! Of course we would love to have you, but the PTA is really an organization that pays for and implements extra activities at the school. Since the school has limited funds, the PTA steps in to help where needed. Without the PTA there would be no Reflections, Field Trips, Art Classes, Maturation, Red Ribbon Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, etc. By joining the PTA you are simply showing your support by being a member, and your dues go to fund these programs.

Q: When are the PTA meetings?

A: Spring Lane PTA meets the first Wednesday of each month. We meet in the teacher's lounge from 2:30-end of school. Light snacks or munchies are usually provided and kids are always welcome.

Q: If I can't attend a meeting how can I find out what is going on?

A: The minutes from each meeting are posting on the calendar section of this website. Just click on the meeting and you can view the minutes. You can also keep updated by "liking" our page on FB and visiting this website often.

Q: Who decides how the PTA funds are spent?

A: Each year the new PTA board puts together a budget for the year. You can view this budget at Registration, or find a copy of it on the PTA door at the school. Amendments/changes to the budget are made, when needed, but are only done at a PTA meeting, and with a vote from PTA members in attendance.

Q: Was there extra money from the Apex Fun Run last year? And how will it be spent?

A: Yes, we had a successful fundraiser last Spring and there is $3,000 extra dollars that the PTA will decide how to spend. Are you a member of our PTA? Then your opinion and suggestion needs to be heard! We will be hearing all ideas during the October PTA meeting. If you can't make it to the meeting, please email your thoughts on how we should spend this money to: SpringLanePTASecretary@gmail.com We will read your idea at the meeting. Once all the ideas have been submitted, we will allow all current PTA members to vote. You can vote via this website, or by replying to a flier that will be sent home with your student.